Ken's Ecce Romani Vocabulary Test

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Click one, or both, directions of translation for the test
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This test takes you through the vocabulary for the chapters of Ecce Romani Book 1.

On the left of the screen, select the chapers on which you want to be tested and the direction(s) of translation.

You will be taken through the vocabulary list in a random order. If you give a correct answer, you won't be asked that word again until you have been through the whole list. Once you have answered everything correctly, all the words will come back into play and the test will continue.

When a word appears in the Question area on the screen, type your answer in the box and press Enter.

Be warned - the test is pedantic. If the answer required is 'a girl', 'a girl' (with an extra space) will be wrong. Things like 'what is ... doing' must equally be typed exactly.

Where there are alternative answers then any of them will be correct, eg 'a girl' or 'the girl' would be acceptable.

Good luck!

Version 009