39. James6 Penman (William5, Alexander4, William3, Alexander2, Alexander1) was born Kinnaird, Larbert, Falkirk 20th September 1845. James died 26th June 1898 Glasgow, at 52 years of age.

He married Elizabeth McLaren Falkirk, 30th April 1864. Elizabeth was born Larbert, Falkirk 26th September 1849. Elizabeth was the daughter of Daniel McLaren and Elizabeth Cuthell.

James Penman and Elizabeth McLaren had the following children:

child 49 i. Elizabeth Cuthill7 Penman was born 1st May 1864. She married John Murray 27th June 1890.

child 50 ii. William Penman was born Larbert 24th December 1866. William died 3rd February 1867 at less than one year of age.

child + 51 iii. Daniel McLaren Penman was born 18th January 1868.

child 52 iv. Robert McLaren Penman was born Larbert, Falkirk 21st February 1870.

child 53 v. Alexander Penman was born Larbert 26th October 1872. Alexander died 25th April, 1897 at 24 years of age.

child + 54 vi. James Penman was born 18th November 1874.

child 55 vii. Anne Christie Penman was born Larbert 21st January 1877. Anne died 24th February 1929 at 52 years of age. She married William Walker 20th January 1898. William was born 10th July 1870. William died 15th January 1940 at 69 years of age. (See William Walker for the continuation of this line.)


child 56 viii. Jane Penman was born 95 Grahams Road, Falkirk 10th November 1878. Jane died 26th October 1968 Glasgow, at 89 years of age. She married John Odam Albert Hall, Bridgeton, Glasgow, 29th June 1905. John was born Glasgow 24th September 1879. John was the son of Henry Odam and Margaret King Barbour. John died 20th January 1955 at 75 years of age. (See John Odam for the continuation of this line.)

child + 57 ix. Thomas Young Penman was born 7th December 1880.


child 58 x. Mary Penman was born 122 Craighall Road, Glasgow 21st July 1883. She married David Thomson Dixon Hall, Cathcart Road, Glasgow, 19th June 1908. David was born 225 Crookstan Street, Glasgow 22nd December 1879. David died 28th March 1943 at 63 years of age. (See David Thomson for the continuation of this line.)

child 59 xi. Margaret Penman was born Glasgow 18th November 1885. Margaret died 23rd March 1969 at 83 years of age. She married John Shaw 3rd June 1911. (See John Shaw for the continuation of this line.)

child 60 xii. Walterina Penman was born 8th November 1888. Walterina died 3rd March 1889 at less than one year of age.

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